Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 4: goddess went down south...

Today Im keeping honest with my new schedule and taking the weekend as a break from exercise. Well, that was the plan anyways....
Between getting called into work at 8 am, sweating as if Im in a sauna and walking a little around town for a wee bit, this fat goddess is exhausted. I sweat through 2 shirts, and i think in total it could be wrung out to weigh the same as a small child.
While all this sweating and walking was happening, usually Id complain. Maybe its the two red bull's i had today, but it was actually a little motivating. It encouraged me more to get in shape and not HAVE to wear T-shirts but be able to wear sexy summer tops that I don't have to special order for my size.
More adventures tomorrow, readers. The Swimsuit goes on tomorrow...and that will be a new adventure in and among itself.

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