About Me

                My Name is Emily, I'm a college student in the Windy City of Chicago. I was raised in a smaller town, and successfully graduated from high school and all that traditional crap. Being a nerd at heart I help staff Anime Conventions and Attend a few as well. 
              I'm studying Animation and hope to make it a career, I also write in my spare time along with play a few video games. Other than that I'm relatively normal. Relatively being the key word there. Like any other person in the universe i have friends, and they're usually going to influence my daily posts and maybe a tangent or two. I cosplay, or dress up as characters from anime or popular video games, and have lead a pannel about Plus-Size costumes and tricks on how to look not only fabulous but just as hot as the skinny girls cosplaying. I'll try and keep my Nerdy vocabulary to a minimum, or if it's needed for a post, Urban Dictionary will be your friend. 
             Well, I came up with the Term Fat Goddess when i thought about the irony of it. When most people say the word "fat" it makes them feel self-conscious and a little depressed. While on the complete polar opposite side, when someone calls you a Goddess, you feel happy, and tend to smile more. So, my logic asked myself "Why can't I be a Fat Goddess?" and when i got no rebuttal from my logical self, I ran with it and here we are today.
             Being "a Bigger girl" as some like to call it politely, has been challenging, both self-esteem wise along with living daily life. The journey I'll be writing about will be interesting and I know about as much that will happen as you as a reader do. I'll write about life daily, about costumes for my hobby or conventions, and vent about the short commings and hardships about my journey through my weight loss.

So, go read my posts, laugh eithter with me or at me. (Joke's on you because you're laughing at your computer screen regarldess, so haha!) 

Have fun!

-Fat Goddess

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