Workout Routine and Overall Plan

Workout Routine:

 First Month

          Well, so far I have planned every other day is Aerobics, and on the off days I'll try something new. So Mondays are Aerobics, but tuesday will be something like swimming laps and strength training or free weights. (Although the free weights scare me half to death.) I'll try this out for the first month or two, see the results and continue from there.


How Many Days will I work out a week?

5 days a week. The spare 2 days will be days for my body to rest and also helps to get homework done or gives me an allowance in case of travel or emergency.

Whats your Calorie limit?

I'm not going to be counting calories. In daily life from here on out, I'm making a life change. It's not a phase or something temporary, to keep the weight off PERMANENTLY I'll need to do it as something i can live with for years and years. This doesn't mean I'm never going to look at calories, I will take it into consideration and think twice about something thats 400 when i could eat something thats 140.

Any diet Aids/pills?

Nope, just me, my thyroid meds and my water or juice. I've tried them in the past and they're quick fixes. All they do is shove the ideal of NO WORK AND TONS OF RESULTS down your throat and watch as they count the cash and you're sobbing over a tub of ice cream because that size 10 still doesn't fit.

Do you have a workout Buddy?

Yes, at the time I'm working out or planning to with a buddy of mine. (We'll just call him Buddy to be safe.) Buddy and I are going to work out together but I'm not yet sure if he'll be going 5 days a week like I am.

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