Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 2: Taking Care of Buisness

       Between class and work, college life can really suck sometimes. Staying up until 2 am working on homework, then getting up by 8 for class is the norm. Might sound cliche but its all true. So finding time to workout and generally live life is whats going to prove most challenging about this journey. Im not chickening out already, no, but I'm definitely seeing some of my first hurdles.
      Some of my past hurdles have been the scheduling. Between work and school and trying to obtain a semi-normal social life, a 24 hour gym is necessary.  I'm a night owl, even went to summer camp where i was up all night and slept durring the day. So, I'd rather go run on a treadmill at 3 am rather than noon. My other hurdles have been, staying interested and also the self consciousness that comes with a big person joining a gym. It used to feel like whenever I'd walk into a gym of any sort, all machines would stop, and every head would turn to me as if every person had a fatty radar and i had just sent it screeching. I know thats an extreme dramatization of how a gym actually is, but to me it a strange foreign land, like Narnia. So, today this daughter of Eve walked into a Narnia, and was pleasantly surprised that the fauns and minotaurs didn't attack, but seemed to walk by as if it was not just okay for me to be there, but good that I was there.
      The gym has two floors, two pools, water slides, and areas not just for fitness but a spa and a lot of things that I wouldn't have imagined. Also, when i start working out they're going to evaluate me, body fat percentage, and overall health and measurements. This is to show me where I'm starting and hopefully give me a footboard to bounce off of to start on my way. Although, the prices were higher than I had originally planned, but for $70 a month i get all of those at my fingertips for 24 hours a day. Im determined to start this Jedi journey to my new figure. To the figure I'd have if this wretched thing that is a Thyroid had never malfunctioned.
      So, between the tour of the place and the drive back to school, I felt like the first step had been taken. I'm going to post up a page about my work out schedule and what my daily limitations are, but this Goddess is officially on her way!

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  1. Emily you can this! It's hard starting out once you get started and into a routine it helps alot! Supporting you! I know what it's like I started my journey in march if ya ever need to talk anything I am here (: