Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 3: Nose to the Grindstone

Today I got up and knew there was a test ahead of me. 3 hours of sleep and things to do all day. The easy thing to do would be go home and nap, and pretend I'm in margaritaville or something on a beach. Real life however has my schedule packed today so, i can't. Signing up and paying for my gym membership, and working out then going to a meeting at work. Thats what life has for me.
While at the gym today, i felt out of place amongst the posh nike clad club members, but Buddy and I tested out some of the equipment none the less.
Between the treadmill to warm up and the stationary bike, i felt honestly like i didn't push myself hard enough. Tomorrow and Sunday are my days off from the Gym, and Ill have to put my nose back on the grindstone, monday evening.
Goodnight , and sweet dreams!

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